About Us

Cox Environmental was formed in 2011 by father and daughter team of Jim Cox and Stacy Price, both of whom have extensive experience in the environmental testing industry. Our services include comprehensive inspections for mold, radon, bacteria, and meth residue testing throughout the state of Oklahoma, providing peace of mind with a personal touch for all clients.

With years of experience, our inspector, Jim Cox, has performed inspections on over 5,000 properties throughout the state of Oklahoma. Jim is a Micro and MLCC Certified Inspector and has exceptional reviews from his extensive list of past inspections, including residential homes, and multi-family units, churches, hospitals, schools, casinos, retail stores, city properties, office buildings, and large government contracts. Most notable, we regularly perform Air Quality inspections for many major hospitals, schools, universities, and government buildings in the Tulsa area.

You can always count on Jim’s kindness, patience, attention to detail, and promptness. Stacy’s warm and outgoing personality makes all clients feel at ease and ensures everyone receives the highest quality and respect. Their combined expertise assures all clients that they will be provided timely, accurate, and professional service.

Jim is a graduate of The University of Tulsa, spending nearly 20 years in the natural gas industry prior to entering the air quality business. He is the proud father of daughter, Stacy and son, Ryan. He is an avid sports fan, enjoys playing golf, and loves his 2 dogs, Luke and Murphy. His biggest pride and joys are his two grandsons.

Stacy is a graduate of the University of Tulsa. She loves to exercise, enjoys traveling, and can mostly be found happily spending time with her husband, and their two adorable kids.

A Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) is a specialist who has been professionally trained to assess both the presence of microbial contamination, and the source of any underlying moisture intrusion.

The CMI certification recognizes the Certified Mold Inspector as having exhibited a proficiency of knowledge required to perform a professional microbial assessment, identify underlying moisture problems and properly perform bioaerosol assessments within the guidelines and protocols as developed by the American Conference of Governmental and Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and additional references as listed in the MICRO CMI course materials.

Mission & Vision

Cox Environmental operates by a set of ethical standards to help protect our clients. Our goal is to be Oklahoma’s premier mold inspection company, based on our record of quality, services, and ethical business practices.  Cox Environmental is committed to providing all our clients with timely, courteous, and thorough professional inspections.

You should know it is not uncommon for environmental companies to perform both the testing and the remediation of your home or office. In our opinion, performing both functions creates a serious conflict of interest. 

We do not perform mold remediation, air duct cleaning or have any business affiliation with any company or organization which does perform these activities. You can be absolutely certain we have no conflict of interest, as we have NOTHING to gain by discovering an issue in your property.

A list of remediation and air duct cleaning companies is provided as part of each air quality report in which mold is discovered. Cox has no affiliation, or business arrangement, directly or indirectly, with any of the listed companies. Cox has not and will not receive any monetary gain, directly or indirectly, from any of the listed companies. We provide this list solely a service to our customers based upon past experience; however, you should carefully select your contractors after your own evaluation of their qualifications.

Our mission is to treat each customer with the same attention to detail and concern that we would want ourselves. Customer service is paramount.