Mold Testing

Cox Environmental's goal is to identify the types and quantity of mold present in your interior atmosphere.

Mold spores can be considered viable [living] or non-viable [non-living] and both can be detrimental to your health. Depending on the type of mold and the quantity, or spore count, we discover, our certified inspector will have the information to develop an effective mold remediation plan for you.

Mold in your home or place of business is sometimes easily identified and can also be found in hidden locations only found through investigate processes. The type of testing Cox conducts will be dictated by what signs and symptoms you report and based on our assessment and visual inspection.

Cox Environmental generally performs two types of non-destructive indoor air quality mold tests, ensuring that no element of the property will be compromised or harmed in any way.

  • Visible mold growth can be analyzed with a direct sample, via Tape Lift or Bulk Sample.  These mold spores should be tested because though they may not presently be in the air, they will likely become airborne, especially when remediation takes place. 

Moisture Meter readings on all inside walls and Relative Humidity readings are taken during our visual inspection inside each property.  These included tests help to pinpoint if and where a water intrusion may have occurred and can help in streamlining remediation. Identifying and resolving water intrusion problems around your home or business will help ensure the health and longevity of your property.

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