Commercial Real Estate Testing

Everyone wants to protect their employees and customers.  “Sick building syndrome” has become a legal liability, a drain on productivity across the country, and a tenant issue.

According to the EPA, “The term "sick building syndrome" (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. The complaints may be localized in a particular room or zone, or may be widespread throughout the building. In contrast, the term "building related illness" (BRI) is used when symptoms of diagnosable illness are identified and can be attributed directly to airborne building contaminants."

Indicators of Compromised Air Quality

  • Building occupants complain of symptoms associated with acute discomfort, e.g., headache; eye, nose, or throat irritation; dry cough; dry or itchy skin; dizziness and nausea; difficulty in concentrating; fatigue; and sensitivity to odors.
  • The cause of the symptoms is not known.
  • Most of the complainants report relief soon after leaving the building.

Cox Environmental will perform air quality test, identifying types and levels of indoor vs. outdoor mold spores, identify visible fungal growth, and identify visible signs of water intrusion.  Radon and Meth Residue testing also available. Following the inspection, you will receive a lab analysis and detailed written report of findings and recommendations when appropriate.

Our thorough inspection process and detailed written report can provide protection of your enterprise and your people.  As a result of our services you will know if your property receives a ‘clean bill of health’ or if mold/irritants are present, you will receive a detailed plan outlining the remediation recommendations for resolving the issues identified.

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